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Say "words!" in the comments and I'll respond with 5 words that I associate with you. Write something about them in your LJ.

Seeing as I am such an attention whore I jumped on the bandwagon and asked the lovely Mr Scott for words he associates with me and for me to elaborate on them.


The weird thing for me is that whilst a great deal of my friends know me through LARP they often see me being quite confrontational. It's true whilst in the medium of cross country panto I love a good ruck, rumble and rucus but in real life it is the exact opposite. I hate to complain, if I purchase something and it's defective, if left to my own devices will just assept it as it is. At times I find it hard to ask for stuff in shops and hate to "be a bother" by asking assitants for help. I've had a few fights in real life but don;t look for them or in fact enjoy them.


I think profanity is both big and clever. I don;t think any word should cause offence and will use any word I blooming well choose. But. I can be exceedingly lazy in the language I use and often come across as less eloquent as I would like myself to be perceived.

Agin in LARP I love a good bit of intrigue and in fact in real life like it too. I think everyone plays a different "self" when with different parties and I like to try and see how it plays out in the bigger picture.

He he he. I like mud, I like the way it feels I like the way it looks it makes our silly hobby look more authentic, a bit like snow. Did I mind plastering my face with it for years at Omega? Heck no. Would I do it again? Probably.


Strange fact, I was tea total until about 20. Never drank a drop before then. I don;t particularly like the taste of most alcoholic drinks but as with many things connected to my most commonoly worn mask, if I'm going to do something, I'll do it to massive excess. Tomorrow night for example I will drink far far too much ( I'll usually go through half a bottle of vodka before leaving the house) and drink lots lots more. Are there times when I turn into an idiot on booze? More often than not sadly, but thems the breaks

I was gonna do a proper update but Bandwagon jumped late

The spirit is empty, heads is hollow. It could uncover the truth is difficult to swallow you. There is a place downward, where the heads at straight angle are. The laws are hard, and you are naked. There is a law, and it gives lawman. Who is just, and which is wrong humans.

I quite like this one as the opening verse to a great song.


Please post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want. Then please post this to your journal and see what people remember of you

Now it's war

I'm rather worried by the news at the moment. It seems that Israel have gone properly off the deep end. OK so they say that they were hitting back at Hamas for it's previous attacks on civilian targets, but it realy does worry me with what they have done.

I picked up a copy of Metro on the train today and saw the horror of it all in technicolour. There was his picture held aloft by an angry crowd. Sauruman the White killed by Israel. Boy is Sauron gonna be pissed off at this.

No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise.

Have you ever seen a steaming pile of shit and glimpsed a peanut in it?

Peanuts are okay aren't they?

Does that make the steaming turd any less of piece of crap?

Now there aren't many peanuts and they are mainly just small bits of peanut. Probably just the one peanut in small pieces spread throughout the nauseating, gut wrenching, fetid bowel movement.

It's still a piece of shit.

But before it came out of the other end is was a gorgeous, succulent meal. Mouth watering, eye catching, a culinary delight.

Now it's a fucking slop of dung. With a bit of peanut.

Yes ladies and gents I've just watched LXG.

For fucks sake why?